History: Gocek, which has made its name known to the world as a yachting center, was built on Kalimche, a village between two big seafaring Lycra cities in the past, Telmesos (today's Fethiye) and Kaunos (today's Dalyan). It is also said that the legends of Daidalos and Ikarus, which are also included in mythology, took place in the Göcek region. Göcek bays, which are famous for their natural beauties, also have ancient values with their ancient shipyards, baths, mausoleums and house ruins. The fact that some of these values are underwater makes them even more important and attractive. Göcek bays, which were little known by local and foreign yachtsmen, became famous and well-known with the Blue Voyage initiated by Halikarnas Balıkçısı, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Azra Erhat and their friends.

Where ?: Göcek, where green meets blue, is a piece of heaven on the Muğla-Fethiye highway, 18 km from Dalaman airport and 38 km from Fethiye city centre. It welcomes you on the plain after the Göcek pass at an altitude of 345 meters.

What's In?: It is a charming holiday resort known for in Aegean-Mediterranean sea, bays, islands of various sizes, boats and warm-blooded people. Although it is known for yacht tourism, it has started to be preferred with its pensions and apart hotels operated by an increasing number of local people. Yacht tourism is highly developed, and it has become a frequent destination for sailors with its marinas, marina markets, and shopping venues equipped to meet all kinds of needs. Due to its climate and wind structure, it has an ideal weather for sailing. It is possible to see many motor yachts, sailboats and tour boats moored or circulating in the bays. As soon as you leave the coast, there are many small islets that start with Altın (Göcek) island, such as Yılanlı, Yassıca, Zeytinli, Katrancık, Shipyard, Pig, Rabbit, Deliktaş and Kızıl. The region, which is also famous for its bays, can be reached by boats. The Aquarium, Cleopatra Bath, Shipyard Island, Pig Island and Bedri Rahmi bays have unique beauties. Bozkaya Bay is known as Bedri Rahmi Bay because of the fish painting on a rock by Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu. Shipyard Island attracts attention with its ruins found on the shore. The ancient city of Lydae can be reached by walking for about an hour from the Cleopatra Bath Bay to the hill.

Marinas: There are three fully equipped marinas in Göcek. Club Marina to the west, Skopea Marina to the east, just below it and in the center is the largest Municipal Marina of them all. The Municipality Marina was built entirely with the resources of the municipality. It is highly preferred by sailors, and according to the Port Inspection Chief, more than 1500 yachts, boats and sailboats of various sizes visit Göcek bay. This number increases even more with the excursion boats departing from Fethiye and visiting these bays.

Bazaar: When you enter Göcek from the Göcek - Fethiye highway, certain points are closed to traffic. After leaving your car in the car parks, the cobbled bazaar and the area around the pier have been arranged as perfect excursion and walking areas. Markets for shopping, restaurants with all kinds of options and famous for seafood, cafe-bars and marina add a different vitality to Göcek.